Dunes Hotel, the book is finished.

I am happy to announce that The Dunes Hotel & Country Club book is completed.

The Dunes Hotel and Casino: The Mob, the connections, the stories.

“The intent behind this book is to record classic Las Vegas history that would be lost forever if not memorialized.”

“In capturing the true story of the Dunes, I had to cross over into the history of some of the other classic Las Vegas hotel-casinos because many of the Dunes operators and associates were connected to these other operations.”

The Dunes operation was a spectrum of information that is intricate and mysterious at times, protected by a shroud of secrecy and intrigue that is virtually impossible to decipher. It featured different operators and Mob characters who, at various times in the history of the hotel, were involved in various ventures, including gambling, bookmaking, real estate investment and many other business arrangements.

I recently found a photograph that was in an oversize notebook given to me by Rudy Crisotomo, one of the first designers/graphic illustrators of the original Dunes sign. It has never been published and will use this on my book jacket design.

I have been working on this book for almost four years, which included many hours of research and the development of a timeline. My research helped bring forth answers to questions regarding notable gambling operators, Mafia chiefs and memorable events. One such event solves a mystery of a bomb assassination plot and a shooting. I never dreamed these details would ever be uncovered.

Once the book is released I will post the timeline and additional notes.

As they say, “Stay tooned.”