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OKON Bros.   Interview, Dec. 9, 2021  

I was on Richard Syrett’s The Conspiracy Show ( Saturday Night Pacific time 8 PM)  Sat October 24th 11pm-1am eastern time. Zoomer Radio AM 740 Toronto, ON. Stream live at

I will be interviewed on Coast to Coast AM, Oct. 9, (Saturday night Sunday morning), on my book, The Dunes Hotel, the mob, the connections, the stories. It will be the second half of the show about 12 midnight.

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One of the stories from the Dunes Hotel:

Dunes Character: Davey Weinstein’s Gift.
Dave Weinstein was a nephew of two legendary Las Vegas gambling bosses, brothers Saul, Murray and Herbie. These guys were old time classics that learned their trade from working for top notch racket bosses their entire career. Murray Saul was was one of the original owners of the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas who was weaned at Ben Marden’s Riviera in New Jersey and a small work junket in Cuba. His brother Herbie was right behind him.
The owners of the Dunes Hotel, Charlie Rich, Sid Wyman and George Duckworth brought the Saul family to the Dunes realizing that they were honest conscientious workers. Murray Saul was also one of the founding point holders in the Moulin Rouge, the stylish hotel casino built on the Westside of Las Vegas in the middle of the Black community. The boutique operation never made it.
Brothers Saul got their nephew a job at the Dunes, yet his manner and reputation was 180 degrees out of sync with the class of Murray and Herbie.
As a Blackjack floor person Davey didn’t have much to say about the day to day operations other than his daily complaint about his boss Aaron Herman. Nice to his face but really he was an internal terrorist. Remarks, wisecracks and bull that definitely drew the line in the sand in the Dunes gambling pit.
Dave was jealous of the dealers’ tips. Taking into account their working wage and the tips given to them by gambling patrons, the dealers made more than the floor man. Dave deeply resented this. Every morning the dealers received their small envelope with only there name on it. Inside were crispy new bills that averaged $90 per day. The floor person’s pay was less than $75 per day.
Each day he could not wait to find out the amount of the zukes. (vernacular for tips) . He was so annoying that all the dealers disliked him and all the other bosses hated him. So he concentrated his friendships on cocktail waitresses and customers. He learned the art of origami, and would fold dollar bills to look like a winged goddess and present it to an attractive server, thinking that this mere buck would make him a friend or perhaps get him laid.
His condescending friendliness with customers was shallow. He would never stick his neck out for them or favor them in any controversy. The dealers recognized this immediately. They decided to shut the man up.
One of the Dunes dealers thought Dave had his tie color preference and shirt size on the back of his Dunes business cards.
After listening to Weinstein belly up to a customer who sold color television sets, hoping the player might send him one as a gift, the dealers decided it was “coup de Dave” time.
A couple of dealers went to the local tv appliance store and found an RCA color television box in the trash bin. They found a rock that fit in the box that weighed about the same as a tv and wrapped up the box and even strapped it so it looked as though it came right out of the factory.
They delivered it with a red bow on it to the Dunes Hotel bell desk with a $20 tip for the bellman to deliver it to Mr. Dave Weinstein.
Later that morning the bellman came over to the extremely busy pit and proclaimed to Dave, with the dealers and customers,in earshot , that a brand new giant TV was at the front desk waiting for him.
During that whole shift, from 10 am until 6 pm all you could hear was Davey Weinstein bragging how a customer sent him a TV. Dave even asked a few of the dealers to help load it in his car.
The next day Dave was silent. No one heard about the big rock Dave found in the box. Only at the Dunes Hotel!

The Dunes Hotel 

A talk about Jimmy GrippoThe Magician and the Mob.  Jan. 23, 2017. 

Las Vegas – Clark County Library – Free Admission