Geno Munari entered the workforce in Las Vegas at 18 years of age.  He learned and was mentored by some of the most legendary characters that molded Las Vegas.  He worked for gamblers, bookmakers, mobsters and sharps that were an integral part of the complex mystery framework that outsiders could not  penetrate.

Mission: Geno proposes a theory and mission statement: “The True Story of Las Vegas has never been told.”  

There is so much history and information of what really transpired in Las Vegas which also includes the entire gaming community of Nevada, that has been suppressed by the Nevada Gaming Control Board via Nevada Revised Statutes and other nefarious methods that it may be impossible to render out the real facts and players that were involved in Nevada gambling.

Simple requests for a photograph of a legendary gambler and licensee in the state has been denied by the GCB.

But diligent , persistent, arduous,  and consistent research will uncover facts, with additional clues to more facts, that then leads to a concrete base of unadulterated truth.