The Dunes Hotel & Country Club

“The Dunes Hotel and Casino: The Mob, the connections, the stories”

The book is finished and will be available soon!

The Dunes Hotel and Country Club was more than just a hotel, it was a magical place that had every amenity a guest would desire.  It was also this writer’s two-time former employer which I hold dear to my heart.  It was a remarkable place to work and the stepping stone to my life’s journey and for many other employees. The operators were all showmen and literally geniuses in their endeavors to please their guests. These pioneer hospitality and gaming operators deserve to be remembered for their monumental contribution to Las Vegas. They were real gamblers, not pencil pushers. They had good common sense and ran the casino like a fine-tuned clock without the aid of computers and smart phones. They had hearts of gold and never turned someone down who was down on their luck. They created a flagship of the desert that they coined the “Miracle in the Desert” and the Miracle Mile”.  It was THE place to gamble and have a great time.